Are you anxious about your next dental visit, did you fidget during your last dental appointment, have the fear of seeing a dentist ever stopped you from receiving dental care? If your answer is yes to any or all of these questions, then you are suffering from dental anxiety, a common phobia widely known as DA. Many people are so apprehensive about having a dental procedure that they would rather risk oral health problems and endure persistent toothaches. To make it worse, part of the DA may be directly attributed to having a misconception about sedation density.

Today, we are going to demystify three common myths about sedation dentistry so that you can free from the skepticism and fear of visiting a dentist.

A special mention before getting into the myths: Sedation dentistry is a safe and simple procedure administered to make you feel completely comfortable and at ease during a dental procedure. If you are struggling with dental anxiety or you simply want to experience a deep sense of peace during your next visit, sedation dentistry at BrightSmiles is tailored just for you.

Myth No. 1: Sedation Immediately Puts You Under

When a person who has never experienced sedation dentistry thinks about it, s/he typically associates the procedure with a complete unconsciousness. Some will go to the extent of equating it with the complete knock-off that comes with general anesthesia and major surgeries. To set the record straight, you won’t actually be asleep with sedation dentistry. Depending on the level of sedation (based on the patient’s level of comfort), you will be awake, but you won’t be completely aware of what is happening. That said, if you opt for minimal sedation, you will just be in a comfortable, relaxed state and fully aware of everything that is going on. You might not recall parts of what happened after the fact, but you will be completely in charge during the process.

Myth No. 2. Sedation Dentistry is Unsafe, Especially for Children

This is arguably the most common and persistent myth about sedation. One fact you need to know is that sedation is an exact science that has been around for centuries. To start with, a dental professional will go through your medical history and ask some questions to ascertain you are a suitable candidate for sedation. If you are fit for the procedure, the dentist will determine the best administration procedure. For guaranteed safety, monitoring machines are used to make sure you stay safe throughout the process. As a matter of fact, children are the top candidate for sedation dentistry as they scare easily and are difficult to control.

Myth No. 3: There Is Only One Kind of Sedation

This is a common misconception. Some people believe that sedation is only caused by laughing gas. The fact is, there are multiple methods. They include;

  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Sedation
  • Sedation through an IV Sedation, and
  • Sedation through general anesthesia

For basic and routine dental procedures, oral sedation and nitrous oxide are typically used. However, general anesthesia is usually reserved for more complex and lengthy oral surgeries.

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