Dental implants are the safest and most advanced way to replace teeth in today’s market. When done correctly, dental implants can last you a lifetime.

However, like with other dental procedures, dental implants are not risk-free. Dental implant infections, although very rare, can cause implant failure while damaging the surrounding jawline. One of the most common risks associated with dental implants is post-procedural infection.

Luckily, it is one of the most manageable risks when the patient follows instructions right.

Read on below to understand the few tips for preventing dental implant infections.

Care for Your Overall Health

To begin with, the body has a natural way of dealing with bacteria and germs known as the immune system. Certain factors like smoking cigarettes can weaken your immunity, which then slows down your healing process after the surgery.

Cutting off smoking a few weeks before your procedure can go a long way into ensuring that you heal faster with minimal chances of infection.

Follow Post Operative Instructions

The key to healing fast and preventing dental implant infections is following your dentist’s post-operative instructions. Certain adjustments to your daily routine are needed to protect the operated area.

For example, a dentist might recommend that:

  • You stick to eating soft foods since hard foods may irritate you.
  • You rinse your mouth with salty water or a recommended mouthwash to fight bacteria.
  • You avoid straws when drinking since the suction process will lead to a clot around the dental implant.

Post-operative instructions should help you heal faster. The more you follow them, the faster the healing, and the lesser the chances of an infection.

Maintain Dental Hygiene

This tip is a no brainer. Maintaining good dental hygiene ensures that you prevent an infection from forming. Good dental health entails brushing twice a day, but be careful around the wound. Brushing helps to remove bacteria from the surrounding areas, which might cause an infection.

Another way to maintain proper dental hygiene is by flossing regularly, which is about three times a day. Flossing is the best way to remove food particles from in between teeth in areas where a toothbrush won’t reach.

Removing these food particles ensures that the gums and teeth can carry on healthily.

Trust Only an Experienced Dentist

This is the most important tip we can give. Many dental implant infections happen because of incorrect surgeries. To be sure that your implants are safe, hygienic, and implanted by a professional, make a thorough research on your potential dentist.

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