Most people focus on straightening and whitening their teeth and don’t consider gum maintenance in their oral healthcare. However, taking care of your gums is a crucial part of your dental healthcare routine. Gum disease starts when plaque builds up around the gum line, which can lead to gum disease and gingivitis. A lot of people will not know that they have gum disease as it is not painful. Signs to look out for that indicate gum disease or gingivitis include gums that are tender, red and inflamed, swollen and that bleed when you brush them.

Poor oral health is associated with severe health issues such as diabetes, infertility, cancer, kidney disease, respiratory infections, and cardiovascular disease. The good news is that gum disease is reversible, and there are steps you can take to take care of your gums.

  1. Floss: Despite everyone being told be dentists constantly to include flossing in their daily routine, only 5% of Australians floss regularly. Daily flossing helps to break down food particles on your teeth and around your gumline, preventing plaque buildup and gum inflammation. Flossing can also reach food particles that your toothbrush may not have been able to access.
  2. Regular Trips to the Dentist: The average person should visit their dentist for a regular checkup a minimum of twice a year. Regular checkups allow your dentist to catch issues before they become larger concerns. Your dentist can catch gum disease in it’s beginning stages and help you prevent it. Or, they can catch cavities before a root canal is needed. Regular trips to the dentist will save you money and pain in the long run!
  3. Brush Twice a Day: It is so important to brush at least twice a day, for two minutes each time. It would be optimal to brush after every single meal, to remove food particles immediately, but twice a day is acceptable. Dentists recommend electric toothbrushes as they are stronger and more efficient at removing plaque buildup.
  4. Use Fluoride Toothpaste: Every toothpaste may claim the token ‘four out of five dentists recommend this brand’ but how do you decide which brand to choose? It is best to choose brands that contain fluoride and have the Australian Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval.
  5. Use Mouthwash: Use a mouthwash for additional cleaning. Mouthwash is not a replacement for flossing or brushing but instead should be considered an additional step for proper oral health. Ensure you are choosing a mouthwash that has the ADA seal of approval so you know it’s safe to use.

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