Do you need to have a procedure done on your teeth, gums or overall mouth that will restore a great smile?

Maybe you need to have a tooth or two examined, particularly if they jut out from the others and give other people the impression of buck teeth.

This is where the field of cosmetic dentistry comes into play. Bright Smile Dentistry, with three locations on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, helps make your smile more colourful and your looks more appealing. The field of cosmetic dentistry contains many procedures that are a far cry from medical ailments such as a root canal or having your teeth cleaned.

Since cosmetic dentistry deals with the smile and all aspects of a smile, the big thing that may worry you is what if you can’t smile the way you’d like. This is where cosmetic dentistry experts like Dr. Innes come into play. Excessive display of gums, teeth that are worn or broken, and teeth that are stained, discoloured or missing come into play.

Here are some of the services Bright Smiles provides for patients:

  • Dental cleaning and tooth whitening — if you simply want a great smile and you don’t hve to worry about a broken or chipped tooth, the chances are a good, simple cleaning will suffice.
  • Veneers, crowns, and porcelain restorations — Teeth that are disfigured in some ways or need a little extra work might need this treatment to bring out that handsome smile.
  • Dentures, dental bridges and dental implants — Need a whole tooth replaced? From false teeth to a fake tooth or crown, Dr. Innes and the experts at Bright Smiles can help.

Some tips to choose a cosmetic dentist may include training, how he or she schedules payments, technology and anesthesia, what happens in an office and how he or she deals with emergency situations. Also think about such items as comfort level and previewing your work.

Are you comfortable waiting around in a cosmetic dentist office or patient area? Can the dentist show you what your work will look like when it’s finished? The more of a comfort level you have, the better off you will be when it comes time to have the actual dental work finished. Explore cosmetic dentistry for those times when you need a procedure done correctly and set up the right way. It is a fast-growing profession with plenty of chances to move up.