Helping your kid to develop good oral hygiene from a tender age can drastically improve their dental health throughout their entire life. Good oral health saves you the hustle of taking your kids to the dentists from time to time. To maintain their dental health, you are supposed to consider the type of paste that they are using and most importantly, the kind of dental toothbrush that they use on their daily bases.

There are two types of dental toothbrushes that you may opt to buy your kid; the manual and the electric toothbrush. It is essential for you to consider some vital aspects of both dental toothbrushes. This is because the world’s dental organization found that electric and manual toothbrushes may have varying effectiveness at fighting gum disease, plague or tooth decay depending on the way they are used.

At times, some kids may be reluctant in brushing, or they may be having some difficulty in effective cleaning using a manual dental toothbrush. It is advisable for the parent to buy them electric brushes, which are easier for them to hold and use. Electric toothbrushes are more comfortable and fun to use.

It is advisable to consult your dentist for the right toothbrush for your kid if you are not sure. Some electric brushes have some fun perks, which helps in keeping your kid’s teeth clean. Most of these powered brushes come with a variety of character-themed styles, which are meant to entice your kids to keep brushing their teeth. When shopping for an electric toothbrush, look for the one your kid will like most.

Choosing the right size of dental toothbrush for your kid is one more thing to put into consideration. Selecting a brush with a child-sized head is vital as this helps in proper fitting of the brush to the kids’ mouth, which makes them comfortable while brushing their teeth. The fitting brush also helps in reaching to all the sides of their mouth, up to the back teeth.

Electric brushes that are gentle on gums must have soft bristles to avoid hurting the kid. At times allow the kids to choose their electric brushes as this may encourage them to use the brushes more often. It is also advisable to keep an extra brush for your kid just in case one fails.