Dental Case Studies

Case 1
Minimally invasive ceramic veneers. Conservative veneers with a strong focus on preserving maximum natural tooth structure.
Case 2
Full arch dental implant bridges.  4 implants in the upper jaw and 4 implants in the lower jaw.  Fixed dental bridges fabricated out of composite and titanium.
Sunshine Coast dental implants
Case 1
Conservative restoration of worn teeth with composite resin filling material with a patient with high financial concerns.
Dental case study one
Case 2
Removal of upper front teeth due to gum disease and poor aesthetics. Restoration of tooth decay. Replacement of front teeth with dental implants and bridge.
Dental services case study
Dental case study 2.3
Dental case study
Case 3
Full mouth reconstruction due to several missing teeth, tooth wear and decay. Restorations were in porcelain, gold, and dental implants for tooth replacement.
Dental case study 3
Case 4
Replacement of poor removable denture with a fixed upper bridge on dental implants.
Dental case study 4.2
Dental case study 4
Case 5
Replacement of poor existing dentures with implant retained complete dentures for improved aesthetics and function
Dental case study 5
Dental case study