Children’s Dentistry and Braces

Sunshine Coast Dental Care Services

Our dentists are great with kids! Paediatric dentistry is an area that’s close to our hearts. If you’re looking for a children’s dentist, the Bright Smiles Dentistry team has extensive experience with children’s teeth, gums and facial development.

We know how important it is to get your kids off to the best possible start and give them an enjoyable experience at the dentist. Our approach is to treat every child as an individual, to avoid invasive treatment as much as possible and to recognise when a child might be feeling a bit anxious so that we can avoid any ‘bad experiences’.

Preventative dental strategies is the key to your child’s oral health.

Preventative and early intervention strategies are the cornerstone of children’s dentistry, so we focus on spotting potential problems early and treating them before they become a major issue. We make every effort to ensure that our littlest patients don’t need to experience preventable dental decay or common gum conditions.

If your child is suffering from a problem with their teeth or gums, we can look after them in a relaxed, stress-free environment. If need be we can even organise treatment under sedation.

Both Dr Innes and Dr Campbell have a wealth of experience recognising any developmental issues with children’s teeth such as improper bites, crooked teeth or other orthodontic problems, which can be corrected with braces or clear aligners in consultation with Dr Campbell or in severe cases, an orthodontist.

From their first tooth to adulthood, you can rely on the Bright Smiles Dentistry team to care for your children’s teeth!



Before and after children's dental braces