Cosmetic Dentures Sunshine Coast

Currimundi denture services

Dentures are removable prosthetic devices made of acrylic or metal (or both) that replace teeth – and you would be surprised how many younger people are walking around with dentures.

They might replace a single tooth, several teeth or all teeth in the upper or lower jaw.

Unlike Dental Implants, dentures are removable. They use simulated teeth fixed to an acrylic plate which is moulded to the shape of your mouth. This means they can easily be cleaned, modified or replaced.

The advantages of Cosmetic Dentures

As well as allowing patients to chew, dentures can make a big difference to the appearance of your face, even when your mouth is closed. When multiple teeth are lost, this can alter the structure of a person’s face. If you lose multiple teeth (particularly at the front or side of your mouth) the supporting structures (gums, jaw etc) will change over time. This can sometimes lead to a ‘hollowed out’ look. Dentures can stop this from happening and keep your face looking healthy.

There are some people with individual dental circumstances that do not suit dentures. In these cases, one or more dental implants may be required. For more information on dental implants refer to our dental implants page.

The key with dentures is to make them comfortable to wear, to make them fit well and to make them look realistic and natural. As a prosthodontic specialist, Dr Innes has a passion for providing his patients with dentures that achieve the best possible outcomes. Talk to him today about replacing your missing teeth with practical, comfortable dentures. Simply make an appointment or call 5408 0290.