We’ve seen many people lose confidence when they don’t meet the social norm for “gummy smile”. But it doesn’t have to be you! With our discreet implants, getting your gums looking healthy and fresh is easier than you ever thought possible. Sometimes this problem happens when people do not go to the dentist regularly, or maybe you are just self-conscious about having a gummy smile yourself. Our practice provides the best way for doing this in a quick and simple visit.

Choosing a smile is hardly a choice. Your smile needs to be the right ingredients in the right proportion. It has to capture your imagination, or you need to capture someone else’s. Any disagreement will have repercussions for your career and the length of time people look at you admiringly. The ideal smiles come in all flavors, but many professional advice that a universal standard is 85% tooth white and 15% gum pinkness. As a fully qualified cosmetic dentist I can let you know that I really adore these numbers when choosing how to best frame your dreamy eyes when working with my patients, although everyone is different when it comes down to oral aesthetics treatment plans because we all want our own unique markings which emphasize our individuality not for anyone else but ourselves!

Reasons for a gummy smile

There are a number of reasons that can cause your gummy smile….

  • Skeletal: An Excess underlying jaw bone, which may just be the way your upper jaw developed;
  • Lip: You have an upper lip that retracts, or lifts, a lot when you smile;
  • TeethYour teeth are small in proportion to the amount of gum you show when you smile; or
  • Parafunction: Your teeth have worn down over time, usually due to ageing..

Our dentists have an assortment the best treatments to the curliest procedures known to science to help put a stop to your funny looks. We’re here twenty-four hours a day seven days a week to answer any questions you may have about this condition, if it may be affecting you like it is us currently. Feel free to call our friendly staff whenever you need their support, they’re always ready and willing to help address any concerns or problems that you’ve encountered with all sorts of dental issues.

Recontouring your gums

There are a number of methods to re-contour your gums to lift them without the downside of excessive bleeding, often caused by older methods.
Bright Smiles Dentistry can assess what method is best suited for your needs to ensure you get that perfect smile.
Usually any procedure is usually completed within 10 minutes under local anaesthesia.

Talk to our team to cure your gummy smile, and be more confident with your grin!