To stay in tip-top dental condition and flash a killer smile to boot; dentists recommend that in normal circumstances, visits to see them should be a six-month interval activity. This advice is only applicable in the case of a regular check-up, but where underlying dental health problems are present; the regularity of visits should be more often.

Children, older adults and people at risk such as cigarette smokers or tobacco chewers should necessarily visit the dentist more often. The Australian National Dental Telephone Interview Survey was conducted in 2010; canvassing various individuals of all ages. The interviews revealed that in the last 12 months;

  • 55.5 % or only half of adults had visited the dentist.
  • For children aged between ages 5 and 11, 73.9 % had sought dental health care.
  • 78.4 % of the young people between the ages of 12 and 17 had been for a dentist’s check-up for treatment or a clean.

Despite this survey, no other high-quality research has ever been done to substantiate with proof the required amount of time that should pass before a visit to the dentist. The resulting recommendations were extensive and couldn’t blanket those with on-going dental health issues. The safest time that some dental problems can be detected and treated in early stages initiated for effective treatment is between three and six months; while a year may be too long to wait.

Dental recall periods and appointments therefore based on personal dental health requirements per individual with recommendations leaning on three months for severe cases to a more moderate two-year gap. A regular check-up will provide inspection for oral problems like dental caries, gum disease or mouth cancer. The risk of dental health problems is also considerably lowered by regular visits where treatment options can be arranged.

Scaling or cleaning are the more common reasons for a dentist visit; this is the process of removing hardened plaque or calculus that can result in gum disease. Other oral hygiene home improvement practices are also recommended to ensure continual dental health. Children especially should have more frequent visits to the dentist; the Australian national recommendation is that it’s more convenient for children to receive a first dental check-up at the age of two years.

Regular visits also help the child to feel more comfortable around dentists; easing their transition into oral healthcare with a good start. \Private health claims cover extensive experience in paediatric dentistry that encompasses teeth growth corrections, facial development and healthy gums. For services that exceed a stipulated health policy, a suitable customise payment plan can be made available.