Dealing with any kind of aches and pains is no fun. As we grow older, it seems the aches we would get once in awhile seem to multiply. However, the worst pain anyone could deal with is a toothache. It doesn’t just hurt your tooth; it can affect your head, sinuses, and even your throat. Before you head to your local hospital in excruciating pain, try these home remedies first and see if it can help tide you over until you can get a regular appointment from your trusted dentist. They are inexpensive, easy, and can help within minutes.


The best remedy you can use at home is adding salt to warm water. You take some and swish it around the affected area for ten minutes. You add eight ounces of warm water in a cup and half a teaspoon of table salt. As an added bonus, you can lightly brush and floss to remove any food that may be causing you more pain.

Cold compresses.

Another thing you can try is a cold compress. Cold compresses work for a number of pains; these include general toothaches, abscesses, and more. Hold it to the affected area and it will work as a numbing device. You can hold this to the side of your face where the sore tooth is for a good five or ten minutes.


This might sound weird, and a bit stinky, but it works. Crush a clove of garlic to release the liquids in inside, and then you can rub the liquid on the affected tooth. In addition, you can also chew on the clove and the liquid will automatically release and sink into your teeth. It is said to help relieve the ache, according to those who go the natural route.

OTC Meds.

Lastly, you can try over the counter medication. Others have had luck by taking a pin and poking a hole in Advil liquid gels and squeezing the liquid onto the pained tooth. You can also take adult aspirin, Tylenol, and ibuprofen.

These are just a few simple remedies you can try. Make sure you get to your dentist as soon as possible, though. These remedies are just a quick fix to relieve your pain until you get to your dentist’s office.

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