New Dental Patients

New Patient Examination (NPE)

This is a thorough full mouth examination. We start with a consultation which gives you the opportunity to express your dental needs, concerns and desires with the dentist who has reviewed your welcome pack documents and initial screening OPG radiograph. We then move into the clinical area, where a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and associated structures is undertaken, including any of your prostheses. Following the clinical investigations, a complete series of photographic and radiographic records are taken, as well as diagnostic casts of your teeth. If any special investigations are needed, you will be advised and directed where appropriate.
The NPE is finished with a discussion about your individual situation and the dentist will work with you to outline an appropriate course forward depending on the clinical findings and your desires. In some instances, where complex treatment modalities are required, a further consultation may be required.
This appointment is for those who want to get the best out of their dentist and have a long term goal of oral health.


New Patient Hygiene (NPH )

This appointment is one that focuses solely on the gums and the jaw bone that supports the teeth. This involves a consultation about your gum health and desires. This is then followed by in depth clinical investigations of your gum and tooth supporting tissues. If required, radiographs may be recommended. Once your gum condition is diagnosed, any treatment that may be required will be discussed, and in most cases an initial removal of plaque and calculus (calcified plaque) will be undertaken. This is followed by a remineralisation treatment of your teeth. Your dentist will also take the opportunity to work with you to improve your home care if there is a need.


New Child Dental Patient

It is important to get our young ones off on the right foot with their oral health. We take the opportunity to undertake a thorough dental examination in a relaxing and fun environment. Making the appointment enjoyable is easy when you have a passion for oral health like we do. Dental development in children is essential to monitor as early intervention, and prevention, can minimise the potential for more involved treatment once the child has slowed his or her growth. Following a thorough dental examination and discussion about diet and oral hygiene habits, a professional clean is generally undertaken, followed by a remineralisation treatment. If investigations are required, these will be discussed with you and carried out if desired.


Emergency Dental

Dental pain or discomfort can be debilitating. We keep time aside each day for our patients in case the situation arises where you just need to get out of pain.
Another common emergency is trauma to the teeth and face. If such an event occurs, you can simply contact us and we will see to you ASAP.


Dental Consultation

Sometimes, you may just want to discuss a single problem or concern you have, but may not necessarily want any treatment done on the day. The consultation is a time to do just that. We have these times available throughout the week.