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Currimundi teeth whitening

Over time your teeth can lose the light, white, bright colour of youth. Factors such as drinking coffee or red wine, smoking cigarettes and even some types of antibiotics and other medicines can cause discolouration or staining.

If your teeth are looking more brown, yellow or grey than they used to, it might be time to consider teeth whitening! With a name like Bright Smiles, you would expect us to be experts at teeth whitening, and we are.

The first step is a professional clean to remove bacterial colonies such as plaque or calculus (hardened plaque or tartar) from your teeth.

These are usually yellow in colour and can hold stains picked up from your diet. This alone can improve the “shade” of your teeth by up to three shades.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

The next step in the teeth whitening process is to bleach the teeth. There are several peroxide-based professional products that can be used to brighten the tooth structure. The selection of the most appropriate approach for your teeth is very important, as misuse of these products can cause harm.

When done correctly, professional teeth whitening can provide remarkable results, greatly enhancing your smile. At Bright Smiles we take care with the whitening process to ensure it is carried out only when we feel that you will have a positive outcome.

Professional teeth whitening can be a great way to get that bright, healthy smile you have always wanted. We offer a range of professional teeth whitening packages, designed to give you a smile that will last for years to come.

Whitening is one of the most popular dental treatments and can be carried out on all types of teeth. Whether you are looking to whiten your front teeth, back teeth, or just your teeth in general, you can be assured of a successful treatment.

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