Oral health is a major factor in overall health and well-being, and this article will show you how you can give your teen oral health habits.

We’re all familiar with the oral health concerns of adults, but did you know that teens are at a higher risk for tooth decay and gum disease?

As your teen/pre-teen enters puberty, he or she will go through changes that can be very confusing and disruptive. Your child may be facing a number of changes that will make him or her feel awkward, self-conscious and out of control.

Your teen’s oral hygiene habits are affected as they transition into an adult and must be aware of this and take steps to improve their habits.


The three most essential things to help teens with their oral heath is to encourage them to form good basic habits.

These include:

1. Have them brush their teeth at least twice a day.

2. Encourage them to floss.

3. Take them to the dentist for an exam and checkups.

Ensuring they know how to brush correctly is also very important.

And of course, by being a good role model and lead by example, and even make it a fun thing to do together.

In conclusion, I’m sure that you have seen the commercials on TV and online about how you can get your kid to brush their teeth by making it fun.

Well, I have a simple 3 step method for parents that can help your kid get started with oral hygiene in the easiest and fastest way possible. Here’s the steps:

1. Ask, don’t Tell – This step will take your teen’s oral care into their own hands. You must teach them how to ask you and your child what they are doing in order to get them to actually brush! And, if you are going to give them something, make sure that it is fun and not too difficult to do.

2. Treat Them Like Adults – As a parent, you know your child better than anyone, so when they tell you that they don’t want to brush, you can treat them like an adult and have them brush in their own time.

3. Be Consistent – Don’t be the one to make a mistake in giving your child the tools to take care of themselves. Make sure that you follow up and make sure they are brushing correctly every day.

Kids can tend to get bored very easily, but it is important to get them into the habit of looking after their oral health. One way to get them to brush for a good two minutes without having to put the stop watch on, is to think about what they enjoy doing. It might be listening to their favourite tunes for 2 minutes, or watching a clip on Youtube for a similar amount of time. This helps them pass the time fast, while enjoying themselves, essentially making brushing a fun exercise.

Tips to better teen oral health:

Flossing technique

Flossing your teeth is an important part of a dental hygiene regimen. We know it’s important to get your teeth clean and your gums healthy, but too much flossing can actually hurt your gums, so ask your Dentist or Oral Health Therapist about proper flossing technique during your next appointment!

It is recommended that you floss twice a day – in the morning and at night. This will prevent your gums from becoming unhealthy and will help your teeth stay healthy.

It’s best to use floss to get rid of harmful bacteria that can build up between your teeth. This will prevent any serious decay and save you from having to go to the dentist more often.


The final step of your teen’s new oral health routine is Mouthwash. Mouthwash will eliminate any remaining bacteria that lingers in your teen’s mouth after brushing and flossing. The key to Mouthwash is selecting the right one for your teen. Most Mouthwashes contain alcohol and can cause a burning sensation in the mouth, this could be off-putting so it may be better to start with an alcohol-free version first.


For the best advice for your teens dental habits, discuss with our helpful team at Bright Smiles Dentistry. We’ll take the time to listen, and help provide ways to ensure your child develops a good dental pattern for caring for their teeth.