Things You Should Know About Tooth Whitening

Everyday brushing and flossing our teeth keeps them healthy, brighter, and whiter. However our teeth are similar to sponge— they have pores that absorb anything we put in our mouths. Some habits, foods, and drinks we take can take away the natural sparkle of our teeth or even make them more yellow than they used to be. Luckily, you can have a successful tooth whitening procedure that will safely make your teeth whiter and your smile brighter.

What makes your teeth become darker or decolorize

There are several known reasons why your teeth change color. For instance, certain antibiotics and small cracks have been known to contribute to teeth staining. Additionally, consumption of certain foods and drinks, which contains colored pigments such as dark berries, wine, coffee, etc. will change the color of your teeth. Age, mouth trauma, and habits such as smoking will also affect the color of your teeth. Tar and nicotine found in cigarettes have micro pigments that get attached to the tooth enamel and produce brown and yellow stains, respectively.

What is teeth whitening?

It is a practical procedure of lightening your teeth’s natural color by removing stains and discoloration without affecting the tooth surface. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental processes as it exponentially improves your smile and overall looks.

How does teeth whitening work

Teeth whitening is basically a breaching process that removes all the stains attached to your tooth enamel. This process is achieved either by using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The active ingredients in the gel open the pores in your teeth and safely, without affecting the surface of the teeth, pushes the stains out through the pores. After the teeth whitening procedure, your teeth naturally remineralize, re-hydrate, and brightens.

How long will the teeth stay whiter?

The effects of teeth whitening procedure are thought to last up to three years. However, it varies for person to person as many variables affect the color of your teeth. If you refrain from smoking, eating foods and taking drinks that are known to stain teeth, and practice healthy oral hygiene, the effects of teeth whitening will last for a very long time.

Though after the procedure you might feel a little gum discomfort, teeth becoming sensitive to cold, or a sore throat, teeth whitening is very safe and is highly recommended that it is conducted by a professional dentist.

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