When it comes to common repair of gums and teeth, dentists are a common career that comes to mind.
But did you know about other specialty careers like orthodontists and prosthodontists?

For the record, orthodontists deal with items like misplaced teeth and braces. The prosthodontist goes so far as to make molds of your teeth, including prosthetic devices like bridges and crowns. The most elaborate dental work becomes simpler when you deal with the prosthodontist.

Where prosthetic surgeons often work with artificial limbs such as arms and legs, the prosthetic dentist takes his or her time crafting new teeth or dental work to replace your old layout. This happens only in worst-case scenarios such as broken or chipped teeth. This type of dental trauma often results in patients who do not wish to smile for fear people will see their obvious dental work.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here is what a prosthodontist can do to help you restore that normal look and normal smile.

  • Fittings for crowns, bridges, and dental work — If you need your teeth to be closer together in the event they do not form the right way, a prosthodontist can put a bridge between two teeth and help close the gap.
  • Repairing dental trauma — if something such as a car or truck accident has caused trauma to the lower half of your face, chances are good teeth may be knocked out, nerves may be exposed, or you may need help repairing your choppers.
  • Most places can work on these projects with the help of a dentist. It may wait and benefit you to do a more complicated procedure when you have had some visits to the doctor or dentist. There are just some procedures, however, where a prosthodontist is the best course of action.

Bright Smiles Dentistry, located on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, is a leader in dental services like prosthodontics, and professionals are in house or on call and can treat several patients at one time.

Reconstruction of damaged or worn teeth, and the replacement of missing teeth and related mouth, jaw or facial structures by artificial devices, are a big part of the prosthodontics field. By making an appointment with Dr. Innes or one of the other talented professionals at Bright Smiles Dentistry Currimundi or Brightwater, your mouth will be immediately examined and you will be on the way, so whiter teeth attention and fresher breath will be a good side effect.