What your child eats significantly affect his or her teeth. If you are like most parents, you are probably concerned about the effects that sugar has on your kid. You are not alone; kids tend to go cuckoo on candy in all its forms. They generally prefer saltier and sweeter tastes than adults and don’t have to take time or learn to like sugar as it is actually a preference, which is biologically ingrained.

Recent scientific research shows that a child’s body tends to crave more sugar while growing, and their sweet tooth spurts when they need more energy and calories. While it’s okay for your child to indulge in sugary sweetness, Bright Smiles Dentistry doesn’t want this intricate biology to affect your child’s smile and overall oral health adversely. Our dental specialists are dedicated to helping you nurture positive dental habits that will last your kid’s oral health a lifetime.

How Sugar affect your kid’s oral health

The human mouth have bacterial, which are primarily beneficial to the oral ecosystem. Without proper oral care and regular visit to dental dentists, these bacteria feed off of the simple sugars from the foods and drinks that your kid takes. When the bacteria are not thoroughly washed from the mouth, they grow, multiply, and create acids that erode dental enamel, which gradually create a hole in them. When left unchecked by experienced dental dentists, they further destroy the toxins that inflame gum tissue and leads to dental decay, swelling, pain, and even childhood gingivitis.

To prevent tooth decay, parents should always be in constant consultation with dentists and should be focused on limiting their kid’s sugar intake. Also, parents should improve their kid’s daily oral hygiene routines.

Ways to prevent cavities

In addition to cutting down on consumption of sugary foods and drinks, experts suggest that stimulating saliva is recommended to aid bathe the teeth in minerals. Encouraging your kid to chew sugarless gum and eat food rich in fibrous vegetables and fruits are good ways to salivate. Instead, giving your kid candies, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products are much better than starchy and sugary treats.

Lastly, the use of fluoride helps prevent tooth decay as well as reverse its early stages. Guide your children to brush their teeth regularly, limit sugar intake, and consume healthy foods. Add regular visits to your local dentist to the mix. Bright Smiles Dentistry is a leading Sunshine Coast dental clinic providing dental services for adults and children. Our dentists are the best option at winning the fight against tooth decay.

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